Terms and Conditions

All users who buys our software accepts with the following terms and conditions. Please read and meet our terms of use before you decide to buy our software. So we could avoid any unexpected problems in the future. Thank you!

Our rights and responsibility:

  1. All rights reserved for the software author.
  2. EA4FX.com is always responsible to deliver the software to user who is buying, after payment is done.
  3. We are not responsible of users level of knowledge or experience of using EA robots or other software related with our products or MT4/MT5 platform.
  4. User gets the files as described in the actual software description.
  5. Support the user with the questions related with actual software aspects and usage, except.: questions about usage of MT4/MT5 platform, or other problems which are not related with our files.
  6. EA4FX.com does not take any responsibility with any kind of profit or loss user may experience during any kind of trading in their live accounts with our software.
  7. We may block your application and delete your account from our database if any suspicious activity will be detected. Any illegal sharing or reselling this software is strictly forbidden and is against the law.

Users rights and responsibility of buying the software from EA4FX.com:

  1. Sharing in any web community is illegal.
  2. User has a right to request the software files if one made the payment and did not received them automatically.
  3. If user bought EA or other our software it is his own responsibility to use it just for personal use only.
  4. Software test results may be different from those are provided in description, because of constant economic changes, as well as different brokers have different settings such as spread and history data. Forex markets is ever changing process which may lead to instability of any strategies, that is why constant settings rechecking and optimization is strongly recommended. It is user responsibility to use weekly updates.
  5. No refunds are possible because:
    • since this software profitability depends on users’ own decisions how to set and use the software, also its own experience and knowledge when auto/manual trading in Forex markets.
    • this is software/digital goods, once they are received by user it is not possible to return it.
    • user gets full information about the software and is warned about the risks in trading in such markets.
    • this is part of developer authority work which can be illegally copied and then return is not possible.
  6. User has full right to cancel his subscription to new letters from our website, if one was signed to them.
  7. User data is private and is or will not be used for anything except for authentication during login process and checking license expiration data. It is always possible to delete all personal data from our servers if one desires so.


Trading in currencies markets is speculative in nature and could involve the risk of loss. Such trading is not suitable for all investors, before using our automatic currencies trading software, please acknowledge the risks associated with Forex Trading. EA4FX.com does not take any responsibility with any kind of loss you may experience during trading in your live accounts.